Why I Run: Brenna Kate’s Story


People ask me why I run. Especially since I started doing half
marathons. After all, they reason, who in her right mind would choose
to run 13.1 miles straight?

My answer is simple.

I run because I can.

I started running because my doc said in 2003 it would help my IBS &
depression. That year, I met a guy on the subway who encouraged me to
run a 5K. Since a very close family member had already begun his
battle with cancer, I figured a 5K to raise money for cancer research
was appropriate.

My goal was to run the whole thing. I did.

I stopped running completely for about 4 years due to hip problems.
And then I got pregnant. Had a baby, ran another 5K, got pregnant

I took up running again about a year and a half ago.

When I did run, I didn’t run very far. Or in winter. Or any other
conditions that seemed mildly uncomfortable.

I eventually met some crazy runners in mid-2011. You know – one of
those people. The type that run more than 4 miles at a time. They
encouraged me to push the limits, to run a little farther on my
weekend “long” runs (which were about 4-5 miles at the time).

I ran a 10K. A half marathon followed close behind.

I keep running because I can.

I just ran through my first winter. I run even though it doesn’t come
naturally to me. My body starts aching within a few miles, if it
didn’t already when I started.

Yet I keep running because I can.

My crazy runner friends told me to consider a marathon. I actually
prayed about it. The thought came to mind: what about running for a

There is no cause I am more passionate about than children caught in
the unthinkable trap of sex slavery.

It is believed that there are currently 21 million people worldwide
caught in slavery (forced labor). Approximately 50% of trafficking
victims are children, most of whom are caught in sex slavery.

Now I run because others can’t.

On October 13th, I will run the ING Hartford Marathon. I will run 26.2
miles for Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch in the Philippines that
rescues kids out of sex slavery. Friends of mine, Glenn and Nancy
Garrison, run the Ranch. I am hoping to raise $2,620: $100 for each
mile traveled.

I will run 26.2 miles for those who can’t, kids like Madel, whose
drug-addicted brothers sold her to a neighborhood man to become his
sexual slave. She was brought to the ranch by a schoolteacher who
found her. She’s five years old.

I feel more than a bit insane for even attempting this. Isn’t 13.1
miles far enough? And yet, I keep running because others can’t. I
will run 26.2 miles to trample on the horror of child sex slavery.

When training gets hard and I want to give up, I remember those kids,
still stuck in sex slavery, who don’t get to stop. I run because those
kids need someone to run for them. Glenn and Nancy always sign their
emails, “for the kids.” Today I keep running “for the kids.”

I’d love for you to join me, with your prayers and giving. I pray you
would consider trampling on trafficking with me, as I run for those
who can’t.

For the Kids,
Brenna Kate Simonds
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Brenna Kate Simonds is a wife, a mom, a singer/songwriter, an author,
a public speaker, an encourager & freedom coach, a worship leader, a
lover of life and joy, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus
Christ. She lives in Boston with her husband Roy and their two sweet