Have Tos and Get Tos

Like most people, I have a list of have tos that can climb atop the mountainous piles of laundry and dishes and forms and and and. And that’s the way of it. Each of my children had the same (wonderful) kindergarten teacher, and in her class, they learned that they […]

have tos

When You Don’t Feel Like It

Today was Track Tuesday and I. Did. Not. Want. To. Do. It. Even as I laid out my clothes last night, and charged my fancy watch and searched for my headphones and wished for a new episode of my favorite podcast, and set my eleventy hundred alarms, and drank my […]

Hope Isn’t a Strategy

I was listening to a conversation the other day (I was supposed to be listening) between two women, when I heard something that shifted by mindset about the tough slog that is solo marathon training. One woman was expressing discontent about something in her professional life. She said, “I hope […]

hope isn't a strategy

Running with ghosts

Running with Ghosts

There’s this great store in the town where I live. Just off the main downtown drag, a red brick building sprawls over a block and up a few stories. The front and side are strapped by tall, clean, bright windows. A wood sign hangs like a tooth over the street, […]

One More Lap – Track Workouts

Sometimes I think training for a marathon is harder than running the actual marathon. You’re talking 16 to twenty weeks of rigor and attention. I’m not even what anyone, by any stretch of any imagination, would call a natural athlete. While I’m sure I look like an Olympian when I’m […]

when you don't feel like it

when you don't feel like it

Buck Up and Do It

Three weeks until the end of the school year, and since we live on a campus, we can see the signs of exhaustion everywhere. The students fluctuate between half a care and exactly zero cares. They can barely drag themselves to sport practice after school. When they’re not busy avoiding […]

Running Without Them

Facebook memories are the work of a sentimental devil’s minion. On Sunday, while all my Tulsa friends were kicking asphalt at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, I was in Georgia, my new home, making waffles and not running. With them or anyone. I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed when […]

running buddies

Theory and Practice and Running

Alfred North Whitehead was a metaphysician (whatever that is) who taught mathematics at Cambridge in the late 1800s. He contributed a theory of social and educational philosophy about which I recently learned. Theories are cool for theorists and academics, but most of us don’t bump up against them in our daily […]

Every Step of the Way 1

The message wasn’t for me, but I heard it anyway. I wasn’t even paying particular attention, like I usually do, on the lookout for that thing that catches my eye and my fancy. When I run, I scan the path, the road, the cars, the horizon for that little glimmer […]

hope isn't a strategy

Mindful Running

Sometimes, as I’m thundering along, trying not to hear the sound of my feet slapping the gravel or my lungs sucking desperately for air, I happen to move outside my mind for the briefest moment and those are the moments when I’m dazzled. Today, the rising sun slanted like the […]