The Anonymous Project

What Fear Does

I sit in my lounge chair, reading, thinking, watching. Always watching. My kids. Your kids. All the kids at the pool. We have lifeguards, good lifeguards, but still, I pay attention. I get nervous. Kids slip. They horse around. They make dumb decisions. And sometimes, accidents happen. The diving board […]

I’m a Mom; I Have Depression, by Anonymous 1

Realizing you are one of ‘those people’ who has depression is a lonely place. It’s an overwhelming awful made even more appalling because I have children. If it were just me affected, it wouldn’t really matter. But I have children and for them to have a reactive shell of a […]

I Never Planned on Marrying a Child Molester 2

  When I stood at the altar, dressed for the first and only time in bridal whites and took his hand and read the vows we had both written; when I was twenty-two and my hair wreathed with perfect flowers and my hands both wound in his and bound with […]

She’s 15 by Anonymous 2

This post raises questions for me as a mom. As a former 15 year old. What if she chooses not to wait? She’s 15 And I’m a pastor. What does a pastor do with a 15-year-old girl who now has a boyfriend? I invite him over frequently so as to […]