How the Booker Prize Saved My Life 5

 How about something a little more hopeful. I love this submission, because it is filled with promise and purpose and smarts. Remember our kind and gentle commenting policy, s’il vous plait. One winter I hated my job and spent most days hiding in bookstores. I had a regular rotation of […]

Slack 15

We ran headlong into the northerly wind, in shorts that were too early a nod to spring. Our legs felt the raw lash of the breeze and our muscles slowed despite themselves, fighting against something we could not control. With my running parnter, I have permission to say and be […]

Are Girls Welcome? 8

It was an innocent tweet. I was excited. I did not intend to stir the pot. Usually, if there’s a pot to be stirred, I’d rather do it intentionally. Here we go (@ LEGOLAND Florida w/ 8 others), Jan 05 from foursquare See? Just a little tweet about being under […]