Monthly Archives: April 2013

A Little Experiment 28

I’m curious. Some of the peeps and I have been talking about gender roles in reading and writing. I’ll spare you the dogma and diatribes, and you’re welcome. Today, I’m going to give us a test. The following four excerpts are from novels I have read. Can you tell which […]

Reading Sex 28

photo credit: Artotem Some of my favorite female writers were chatting it up on twitter, asking some good questions about sex and writing. Lisa was looking for women who write specifically about leadership, and noticed a paucity of female inclusion on male-owned blogs. Andi wanted to know why often, male […]

For Family

The first half marathon I ran was the Oklahoma City Memorial race. Oklahomans are painfully cognizant of the bombing that the race commemorates. Eighteen years ago tomorrow, domestic terror ripped through the city, killing 168 people, including 19 children under six years of age. My running partner, Ellen, and I awoke to a […]

Writing Who You Are

As part of my degree in English Literature, which as we all know is a highly sought after major by businesses far and wide, I was required to take a course in Literary Criticism. LIt Crit, we called it, and only juniors and seniors could enroll. The resident homo-erotic-passage-finding, Alfred […]

Cloaked in Flaws 2

She was not pleased, my daughter, as she approached the end of Anne of Green Gables. Neither she nor her brother were interested when I suggested I read them the books as part of our daily homeschool reading. But after the first chapter, they were hooked. They beg for Anne. […]