Why I Run: TNTIL 12

This post comes courtesy of my friends at Team in Training Illinois. Follow their work on twitter here. I don’t have any info on the author, but I don’t think that matters when you know what Team in Training does. They are dedicated to raising as much money as they can to fight cancer. We all know someone who has battled this disease in its various forms. I love their passion. This piece is right to the heart.

Team in Training Encouragement

I run for my mom. I run for my Uncle. I run for everyone who has a family member, a friend, someone they may just know who is currently fighting, won the fight, and in some cases lost the fight. I run for the women who approached us during the Ragnar Relay after noticing my Team in Training bondi band, saying because of the money we raise, different medications are available and because of us, she’s still alive. I run for those who cannot run, not because they do not want to, but because they are too weak. I run because I do not know what I would have done had my mom lost. I run to save a life, and one day a cure.