Why I Run: Miles’ Story

Miles is a great dude, a local Tulsa friend who tells a fantastic story about his running journey. You’ll find him in his links below. I met him via twitter, then facebook, and then realized he knew a friend. So you see? The circle of internet life, Simba. Please say, “Hey!” to Miles. 

Why I run.
I run for the 10 year old kid who had 2 lifesaving kidney/bladder surgeries and lost 1/2 a kidney.
I run for the overweight kid in middle and high school who hated running.
I run because I’ve had 8 more surgeries, 7 of them orthopedic, and refuse to let that stop me.
I run for my mental health. I run for stress relief.
I run because I’ve learned so much about myself both physically and mentally because of it.
I run because it has taken me places I never thought I’d go,
seen things I would never have seen, and met people I never would have met.
I run  because I was told I couldn’t. I run because I’ve been told I shouldn’t.
I run to stay healthy.
I run to keep my weight under control.
I run races as a reward.
I run so I’ll be around for my family for many years.
I decided to try running in 1995 after spending years recovering from a severe injury to my right knee. I was 35 years old.
I had been walking for health but became bored with it. I knew a couple of people in my church who ran and decided to give it a try.
I had no idea when I started how long I would stick with it. I ran my first race in March of 1996, a 10K,
and ran my first of 7 Tulsa Runs in October of that year. The first several years were very difficult because of the knee injury, but I kept running.
In August of this year I celebrated my 16th year of running.
I’ve run many 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K races and one 1/2 marathon over the those years. My goal moving forward is to run as many races as possible including more 1/2 marathons and to complete a marathon.
I worked very hard this year to come back from hernia surgery only to have my running badly impeded by another injury to my right knee.
I’m anxiously awaiting a visit to my orthopedic surgeon to get it evaluated. I will not let it stop me. I will come back. I will run.