Why I Run: Emily’s Story

I almost met Emily when I traveled to Pittsburgh in May to run the half. I am always jealous of others who get to live in the best city in the world. Em’s got a lot on her plate, and here she tells about what good running’s done for her. For now I’ll have to content myself to be Em’s twitter friend.

Why do I run?

It started as a way to continue losing weight. I was under a
tremendous amount of stress; three young children, a rough
marriage, a huge move. I had started to walk, but when I
found myself walking 5 miles a day and no longer losing any
weight- or breaking a sweat, no matter how fast I walked- I
thought that it was time to start running. At that time, I
started on a treadmill. I quickly built up to running a
25-minute 5k, every single day (even on Christmas). I was
eating around 1000 calories a day and continuing to lose

I\’ve never been so unhealthy.

I got pregnant and stopped running. I was under more
stress- FOUR very young children, a marriage that was now
falling apart before my eyes, and finally realizing that
I\’d been fighting depression for as long as I can remember.
Once I was able to start exercising post-partum, I jumped
right back into running. I decided that this time, I was
going to be healthy about it. I stopped counting calories-
instead, I kept fruit and vegetables around the house
instead of sweets. I talked to my doctor and got a
prescription for Zoloft. I signed up to run a 5k with my
sister-in-law and my brother. I followed a training plan
instead of just running full-tilt.

It worked.

I now run to be strong and healthy. I run to be able to
keep up with all of my kids. I do it to be a role model for
my children. I do it to meditate, to find answers that I
know are within. I do it to keep my mind sharp. I run to
find peace.

I run for me.