When Your Child isn’t Perfect

When she was 18 months old, she knew the names of all the butterflies at the zoo exhibit and could enumerate the differences between a butterfly and a moth. At 2, I asked her to retrieve the state of Ohio from her puzzle map of the United States. She did. At 3, she lectured us about using the word insect properly and asked her dentist what his favorite dinosaur was. Hers? Parasauralophus, from the Cretaceous Period, known for its horned head. Yes. She could spell it. And we love her. Not for what she knows but for who she is.

She talked endlessly. Endlessly. She blabbered in the back seat of the car, she babbled while we read with her. She jibbered to the stuffed toys and the swing set and the trees. I ask her even now: “Is this a conversation I need to listen to?” She answers accordingly, no harm, no foul.

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