What Makes a Ritual a Ritual 1

Dan Moyle is one of my favorite twitter friends because he’s honest, kind and willing to share and learn. And, his wife Sonya is pretty great, too! I think Dan asks some really great questions in his post. What do you think?

Rituals are comforts. Telling someone “I love you” at the end of a phone call is a ritual. It helps me feel like I’ll never “not say” the nice thing just in case… I was once accused of saying it so often in fact, the person on the other end didn’t think I meant it. So I quit saying it so often. Now that person is out of my life (not a death by the way, so don’t feel bad) and I never miss a chance to tell someone like my wife “I love you” every time we say goodbye, or my daughters. It’s a ritual that makes me feel comfortable, and I hope it does the same for those involved.


Rituals can also take us from passion to comfort. When we’re new in Faith, we often are moved to pray before bed, before meals and maybe other times. It becomes ritual. It can become automatic. So how do you break up the ritual so that you continue to grow? I believe we keep rituals from becoming cold by giving them thought and meditating on why we do them. Instead of hurrying through a bed time prayer, I sometimes ask my kids why they said what they did, and what it means to them. Changing the pre-meal prayer from time to time breaks up the monotony and makes us realize what we’re doing and why.


To me, a ritual is a comfort that gives my otherwise hectic and unstable life a sense of order and peace. Let’s face it, at any second we can be thrown from this big blue ball into the outer reaches of space. Or we could get hit by a bus and it’s all over. Either way, it’s scary sometimes. My rituals of checking my phone (email, social media, etc.) in the morning as I wait for my coffee…brushing my teeth in the shower (What? Doesn’t everyone do that?) … listening to the same announcements on morning radio … and having a cup of coffee with me while I write all help give me a little comfort in this craziness. A vital ritual I’m currently developing is reading the Bible each morning so that I can grow in my Faith and have a comforting ritual I can fall back on to give me strength and peace.

What are your rituals and how do keep from losing your passion about them?

Dan Moyle, a Twitter-holic (is that a real thing?) who makes a living writing as an inbound marketer. As a husband and dad, Dan loves spending time with his 3 girls. You can connect with him online at danmoyle.com