Weekend Reading 3

Oh, it’s been a long week, my darlings. I escaped to my friend’s guest room for some much needed quiet writing time on Friday, where I was able to review my week, get some solid research done, and not be the teacher for a day.

I am thinking about doing one week of homeschooling posts, since I’ve been getting lots of questions about it—not that I have any idea what I am doing, but you know, servicey nonetheless.

In the meantime, enjoy these new to me writers and runners I met this week. A smattering of interests for all of you.

I met Lore through a twitter call for blogs I simply must see. Her post on a bed too big had me hanging on desperately for the next well wrought line. Her prose is like a song and you must read this, whether you are a married or single person of faith.

I have lots of people helping me prepare for my first marathon, and most of them are chia freaks. Here, B.J. shares a recipe he crafted to help him ingest the goofy little seeds more easily. It’s fun. Try it.

I found this blog through a #followfriday connection. The posts I read illuminate current social issues in America through a liberal lens on faith. Even if you don’t agree with the writer, it is a good place to imagine issues from a different perspective. If I can be preachy for a moment, I’ll say that if we spend our time fighting, we’ll never get anywhere, but if we are open to honest dialogue without emoting, we could maybe get some good stuff done. Just a thought.

My friend Ray who also had a superb piece posted this week, shared this writer’s work with me, and hoo boy, am I delighted. Luke’s writing stopped me, forced me still and demanded my attention. There is something both so bold and so quiet about his work. Ray said he’s “almost frustratingly opaque,” and I knew what he meant. Maybe we were both left wanting more.

I’m doing 22 miles on Sunday. Who’s with me?