UR Stronger Than You Think 1


My friend Jess posted a link and a rave about her new running shorts. We, her more curvy friends, jumped into the conversation with our skepticism.

We said, no way do they fit women with legs that are bigger around than a bean pole. We said, it’s not possible for a short to provide both coverage and chafe protection without riding up, constantly. We argued that women who are not shaped like chiseled Olympians could not possibly look healthy and strong in such sleek shorts.

But. I got tired of the chafe. Nothing I tried worked more than marginally. And it’s still hot here. And if I’m going to run another marathon, I’d like to hold on to some of the tender skin on my thighs. So I treated myself to a pair of UR Sportswear shorts.

I never intended to review them, because it never occurred to me. The owner, though, Jaclyn, has become my new best friend. I love what she’s doing for women’s sports gear. She designed the shirts which are manufactured in the US, and she is a genuine cheerleader for all running women, no matter their shape, size or level of fitness. I love a company that does more than sell me something, but engages in the community and seeks feedback to make her product better.

I actually emailed Jaclyn before I placed my order. I needed some reassurance. I asked how the shorts fit the curvier runners. She said that most women walk up to her already deciding they wouldn’t fit their legs,and she told me that she encourages everyone to try them. “Most women have that self-doubt thing about their bodies.” How refreshing. She even told me that most women overestimate their size. Imagine that, ladies! As if!

The shorts are exactly what they say they are; scary lightweight techy fabric with a generous inseam that is perfect for the 20 year old track team or this mom. The best part? They really do not ride up. I thought they’d be tight like a girdle (I refuse to use the term shareware) making me feel like my legs were sausage links. But they don’t bind or pinch. No more chafing! It’s a miracle. Cue the clouds parting to reveal the choir of angels.

I’m glad Jaclyn is having success with her idea, and I wish her continued success. She’s got a good thing going. Check out her Facebook page to vote on the next designs. Oh, and I bought a logo tee, that says UR Stronger Than You Think. Reminds me of writing my book: we can do hard things.

What great running gear could you never give up?