Up To My Ears in Words 1

I’m awaiting the final edits in my novel, which I hope will be in your hands March 1. In the meantime, I’m mulling and stewing and brewing the two other stories I have been writing. And I’ve been reading.

Why do we read? I suspect the answers are as varied as we are. We read to learn, to grow, to escape. We read to stay current or to improve ourselves. We read because we are curious and we read because when the world is not too quiet, and when the walls press in, the stories of Other carry us. And I don’t just mean novels.

I’ve been working my way through Brennan Manning’s A Furious Longing For God. I read a chapter at a time because I want to simmer his words. They are painful and true and I need time to digest his ideas. And because he writes about a purposeful faith, I find that these are the things we don’t snap on and off. Faith and doubt bubble always while we walk.

I’m reading Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool for homeschool. This is a Newberry winner and both my daughter and I love the characters. Vanderpool interweaves the past and the present day if the novel in a funny and engaging way. One of my favorite things are story breadcrumbs, and these are expertly sprinkled.

I’m also reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, because my older daughter is reading it for school. After I started it, I was stunned. The first chapter reads like heavy velvet poetry. It is sumptuous and ripe. As I read, I realized that much of my writing is by white people so I’ve committed to reading more work by people of color.

I’m reading Gregor the Overlander with my son at the suggestion of a friend. We’re not far in but the book has a fantastic hook of a first chapter.

Finally, I yanked out some books of poetry because …well, because I felt like it. I pored over some poems by Kathleen Norris, from her book Little Girls in Church. Norris is one of my favorites. She is clean and interested and human. Her word has a feminine world touch to it, but in a most generous and loving tone.

When I wait for words, I consume them. What are you reading and why?