Two Ways to Win

I admit I feel a bit like a Sweepstakes ┬áspokesperson typing that headline. “But, wait! There’s more!” I feel like I’m shouting. “Operators are standing by now!”

Truth is, part of publishing is the actually selling of those precious words I so carefully culled, for you, just for you! And part of selling is making sure the far corners of the earth know that this book is out and ready to be swept into your arms for a few days of reading delight.

On that note, do you have any idea how many books are published in the US ever year? I don’t, but I know the number is too big for me to understand. So I don’t want to know. But, mine is out there is the wild slurry of words and design and ideas and prose. And I want to share it with you.


There are two ways for you to win a signed, paperback copy of SEVEN DAYS HAVE MAY.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Seven Days in May by Jennifer Luitwieler

Seven Days in May

by Jennifer Luitwieler

Giveaway ends April 18, 2014.

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I will choose five new subscribers to my email newsletter. To join, just use the subscribe form right over there. See it? Right there on the right. Both giveaways will end on April 18. Both will be randomly drawn. Both will receive a signed paperback copy.

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