Tips from a Pro 10

Atlas Life Building, Tulsa


Let’s be clear up front. I’m not the pro in question. Far from it. Of course, that didn’t keep me from writing a book “about” running when I’m not half the runner I think I am in my fecund imagination. In there, in the sunny green fields of make-believe, I am also a supermodel and scholar.

But I do know one thing: if you get access to an expert, make use of it. So when the Tulsa Blogger Meetup scheduled a visit with PR wunderkind Mandy Vavrinak, I wanted to hear what she had to say about strategizing and marketing and all that fun stuff writers love to do. We don’t really love to do that stuff. Some of us pretend magical marketing elves will come out at night and whip us up some good press and contacts, like the tailor’s mice. Alas.

Mandy was fun and fantastic. Here’s some of her wisdom:

  1. Pay attention to trends and write about them.
  2. Find trends via pinterest and other curating sites.
  3. Know about prweb, pitchengine and prnewswire
  4. Know how to package your material: to that end make it visual, keyword rich, topical and on trend.
  5. USE GOOGLE ALERTS: it’s free, easy and important.
  6. Use google to find search terms to tie to your blog posts.
  7. Title everything you post, even if the title remains hidden, including images.

I confess, part of these seem a little too polished to me. I get hives thinking about SEO searches and terms like “keyword rich.” I also understand that with so many people telling so many stories, the ability to use resources can help a writer, or a blogger, or an artist or a… stand apart and extend her reach.

My pro tip here, since I can’t resist: Enlist help with these efforts. Ask questions and be willing to look goofy. Thanks to Chad Thomas Johnston and Jenn Riley for their help with my book.