Why I Run

Why I Run: Jon’s Story 5

Man, I love this story. Jon really crushed his marathon, telling me he was able to sprint to the finish line. WTG, Jon. Before I started running, I was convinced that my runner friends and I were completely different. One night, we had dinner with a couple of friends. He […]

Finish Line, Jon Fulk

Why I Run: Brenna Kate’s Story

People ask me why I run. Especially since I started doing half marathons. After all, they reason, who in her right mind would choose to run 13.1 miles straight? My answer is simple. I run because I can. I started running because my doc said in 2003 it would help […]

katherine willis pershey

Why I Run: Katherine’s Story 3

I could tell you that I run because my neighbor invited me to join her running group two years ago, or because I rather like fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, or because I tend toward mild depression and logging fifteen to twenty miles a week is a remarkably effective treatment […]

Why I Run: The Dog’s Story 13

One thing my 14 year-old and I have in common is our love of playing words. Where we differ is subject matter. Her head is filled with T.A.R.D.I.S travel and Sherlock’s latest escapades. She has a place in her heart for Loki, whom she says is misunderstood. We do not […]