Most Likely to Succeed by Anonymous 6

How much can a woman overcome? Triggers today include eating disorders, suicide and depression. I am left wondering if and how the promise of anonymity allows for honesty. Thoughts? Be kind in the comments, as if I need to remind you. Milestones of grief marked my struggles since passing time […]

She Cried When She Woke Alive, by: Anonymous 7

The third post in The Anonymous Project is long, and it is challenging. Triggers include suicide and depression. Please be respectful of our participants and use common sense in your responses. Thank you. She played with the bus fare waiting with the herd of people for the 5:15pm bus home. […]

If is the Word 20

She stands on the scale, holding her breath, dressed down to her skin, praying every litany she can recall. She ticks off the calories, the number of stairs she climbed, the dozens of brownies and cakes and pizzas she’s rejected in favor of carrot sticks and another grilled chicken breast. […]