Jen in Rome: A Month-Long Tour

My friend Diana’s post flickered past my awareness. I’ve been “too busy” to read blogs from my talented friends lately. But something about the photo, or the phrasing, something tickled the periphery and I stopped, for once, the incessant scrolling. She’s challenging herself to 31 days of posts this month. I’ve been pretending I’m too […]

Just Trying to Get There

Last week, my longest-term running partner and I were slogging through eight soppy  miles. The cloud cover did little to assuage the moisture-heavy air. A slight breeze only swirled up the heat around us. We stopped at a shady spot to refill our water when we spotted them. Two gorgeous young women ran toward us. “Ran” really […]

A Bottomless Well of Hope

The Dog is a wagging, pooping, barking embodiment of hope. His hope is relentless and vast. Nothing can shatter The Dog’s daily measure of hope will not be quenched. He does not comprehend that I am not going to take him with me running. Not now. Not anymore. But daily he rises, at the merest […]

Poo Stuck to My Shoe

I’m kind of a big deal. I know this because Klout tells me so, and I have this mug. We all know that if the Internet says I have a vast reach, touching the lives of tens, and my mug confirms it, then it must be true. I got this screen cleaner thing as a […]

Peeling the Layers

Just before my book was released into the big wide world, more than a few scary thoughts flooded my already soggy brain. I worried if it would sell, of course, but that wasn’t primary. I worried that despite my best efforts, my sweat-inducing revisions, my laborious consideration over certain turns of phrase, my waffling about […]

The Power of Poo

Well, bowl me over. The responses filling my inbox from readers of my book Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo are incredible. You all have lived some amazing lives and been through some heart-wrenching stuff. Some of you are on the other side of deep chasms of pain. Others are […]

Big Days for Me

My book is scheduled for release on September 1st. Frankly, I’m so caught up in school year shifts and changes that I can’t seem to find space in my brain to think about how incredibly excited I am. Two sites have posted interviews with me about the book. In the coming weeks, you’ll be invited […]

Plumbing the Depths

So, I’m writing this book, Run with Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo. It will be published in a mere 82 days. My late grandmother-in-law would say, “Oh, boysie.” I submitted my first draft a few weeks ago and then twiddled my thumbs while my highly trained, incredibly bright, probably tired of my […]