When Doubt Is Reasonable

Robin Dance. This woman sparkles, and only in the best, non-vampire related way. She is so funny, and gorgeous and thoughtful and real. I know you will love what she has to say about doubt. When Jennifer invited me to contribute to her Lenten series, I was so honored I leapt before I looked; in other […]

Treasure Under Our Noses

Please welcome my dear friend Dulce Chale for this week’s Lenten Reflection. What a marvel this woman is. Back in my smug adolescence, I had a rather indulgent attitude toward the 23rd Psalm. Sure, it was a favorite of grannies everywhere, but it just seemed so obvious, you know? I wanted to dig out some […]

People Get Ready

Lent begins this week. Surprised, aren’t you? I am. The calendar creeps. Before we kick off the Lenten Reflections series on Wednesday, I wanted to share a little bit about what Lent is and why it’s important. So get out your paper and your pencils. It’s class time. Lent is the forty days preceding Easter […]

Ritual: Lenten Reflections

Today, my lovely friend Leah Thompson, college peer and just rockstar human being, tells a story about Lent as a child, and a profoudly simplle lesson she learned. This year I have not been too focused on Lent, I am ashamed to say.  I had the stomach flu on Ash Wednesday, so I did not […]

Building Nests Out of Ashes

Lisa Colon Delay is a delight of a person. You’ll find as you read her Rituals post that she also has a keen eye and an insightful mind. Visit Lisa at her blog or on twitter where you will get more of her thoughtful goodness. Last week was my first time to the World Trade […]


My friend Kristin, of Halfway to Normal, wrote this week about Lent, or rather about how Lent seems to sneak up on her and grip her with one of two brands of guilt. In the first scenario she feels guilty for not celebrating Lent. In the second, her guilt is because she’s not practicing it […]

Appropriately Inappropriate

Pastor’s kids know all about being appropriate. Being appropriate is the behavioral sister to reciting the Apostle’s Creed or the Lord’s Prayer: we learn it, know it, live it. Growing up in the pastor’s shadow, congregants sent my siblings and me a clear message: the pastor’s kids are either total screw ups or perfect angels. […]