Is it Weakness

A weak spring sunrise struggles to bust through fat, fleshy buds on the strengthening limbs. Birds calls incessant, ravenous and ignorant. Mild lunches thrown into stuffed backpacks, so many feet shuffle and clomp out the door. The dishes wait under a leaky faucet, along with deadlines and phone calls and paperwork and promises. It is […]

Laundry and Lent

I fold the towels the way I always do: in half lengthwise, twice, then in thirds, so that the folded edges stack pleasantly when stored in the linen closet. I like my towels layered in color coordinated columns, fluffy and scented and waiting to be used. I tell my family, however, that there is no […]

Red Boots and Broken Dreams

Expectations do one thing: set us up for disappointment. How many children pout under a Christmas tree strewn with the cast off remnants of prettily wrapped packages? I’ve been one of those children, surrounded by gifts in all shapes and sizes, but lacking that ONE thing I was sure I needed in order to continue […]

Quiet Discipline and a Hashtag

Christmas is great and all, but I’ve always been a sucker for the austerity of Lent. Christmas is lights and sounds and activity. Christmas is the crazy aunt who bustles in full of stories and steeped in rum cake. Christmas is great. If you like that kind of thing. But Lent is what’s left when […]

Sweet Waiting; A One Word Update

I spent a few hours on Saturday making the cake for this little baby. On Sunday, with a full belly from our church luncheon, I whipped up the two different kinds of icing that filled and frosted the pretty little thing. My mouth watered with anticipation. I love love love making over the top desserts […]

Darkness Came Over the Whole Land

The priest’s eyes met mine as I knelt at the altar rail. “The Body of Christ,” he said, placing the wafer into my cupped hands. “Broken for you,” and it rent with a crack so loud I gasped. My eyes pricked with tears as I examined the fractured halves in my palm. Broken. For me. […]

Let Us Keep the Feast

Today’s post is from my dear friend Kristin. Know her. Love her. Holy Week, for me, brings to mind the quiet power of tables. In my childhood church, we gathered around long tables on Maundy Thursday, to share a Passover meal. We were United Methodist, and our tables were spread in the unassuming basement fellowship […]

What Is Man?

I honestly can’t believe my dad said yes to this. I asked him to contribute to the Lenten Reflections series, and he kindly acquiesced, though I do have some leverage, being his daughter and all. I just wish you could see him in his fancy black robe, his crisp collar poking from underneath, his shining […]

Pressing Soles to Soles

The first movie we took our first baby to see in a theatre was Tarzan. I checked out the reviews in the paper, because that’s how you did things in 1997. We packed a bag of hovering parent necessities: The Triumverate (her favorite blankets), a soft toy, a sippy cup of water, training pants. She […]

Of Palm Fronds and Finish Lines

In the spring of 2010, I crossed the finish line of the OKC Memorial Half Marathon with one of my dearest friends—my first half marathon. We ran it in the cold rain, with frozen toes and wearing garbage bags. My friend and I laughed much of the way through the stew, hopped up on our […]