Being Human 7

He is charming and kind. He laughs easily and gives openly. He has collected friends like seashells. He makes room in his world for their mess. And  they are messy. They have divorces and children with illness. They are selfish—at times.  They want more without giving—sometimes. His friends sometimes say […]

Being Human is Risky

Not Like the Other 2

Yesterday, I posted a tempered rant about the legitimate rape discourse, taking up for the victims of rape who, in my way of thinking, have been further brutalized by uneducated comments from a man who should have thought before he opened his public mouth. I waited to hear from a […]

If is the Word 20

She stands on the scale, holding her breath, dressed down to her skin, praying every litany she can recall. She ticks off the calories, the number of stairs she climbed, the dozens of brownies and cakes and pizzas she’s rejected in favor of carrot sticks and another grilled chicken breast. […]

22 Years, 26.2 Miles 20

I met her in 1990. Before I met my husband. Before she met hers. We went to different schools but there was something about Bea that I wanted to know. I wrote her a letter during the summer, and she wrote me back. We wrote all summer (these were the […]