The Crossroad

The sun sparkled in a mid-winter sky. Up to that point, the weekend had been perfect. Saturday had been warm and spring-like, but on this day, Sunday, a cold front was expected. We were determined to soak up the warmth while it lasted. Our bigger group broke into smaller goal-oriented sections. A big group planned […]


When I started running, way back in ye olde days of 2010, I was dumb. I began running wearing those goofy toe-shoes, the Vibrams. I loved them, because they were NATURAL, and my stride was BEAUTIFUL, and all the mountain people from 2000 years ago did just fine running barefoot. I was like an ancestral […]

What To Do When You Can’t See Spring

Most of us are in the cruel, cold grip of winter. Snow days stopped being fun a million years ago. We’re cooped up, dried out, and craving the warmth of spring. Or even just for our fingers to warm up enough to be somewhat useful. We have long gone from enjoying a cozy morning in […]

Choking on Mana

When We Were on Fire, by my dear friend Addie Zierman, is available today and I could not be more excited for her, for you, for your chance to read her finely wrought words. Addie is not just a stellar storyteller. She is honest about her faith foibles and quick to dispel my maternal compulsion […]

I Want to Unbelieve (by: Anonymous)

What if everything you every believed fought with everything you perceive? What if your value system was turned on its head? What I love about this series, which this piece highlights so well, is that the writer does not want platitudes. The writer will not be content with the simple, shallow words we throw out […]

Sisters from Other Misters

No one was, as they say, more surprised that I. In fact, it came as a huge shock. Fortunately, I learned it early. Still hurt to learn it, though, what with pride coming before the fall and all that. I learned it the hard way, which seems to be the only way I can learn […]

The Rag Bag Man and Other Thoughts

Anne Lamott. Most of my peers know and adore the raw, real humor and her very regular, messy faith that she portrays in her books. The STORY festival in Chicago brought Lamott to the main stage, where she promised to tell us everything she knows about faith, and everything she knows we about writing. She […]

At the Corner of Faith and Politics

Photo credit: Library of Congress When it comes to faith and politics I like to carry my cynicism in one hand and my redemptive worldview in the other, sort of a six in one bucket, half dozen in the other kind of thing. The half dozen bucket is full of faith. Faith in a power […]

Grace at the Shoe Store

Alright. I’m about to get all Jesus-y up in here, so you’ve been warned. In my Quest for the next marathon, I bought new running shoes. And insoles. I let the nice lady at the fancy running store fit me for a new running bra. While I shopped, other customers entered the store. An older […]