Choking on Mana 4

When We Were on Fire, by my dear friend Addie Zierman, is available today and I could not be more excited for her, for you, for your chance to read her finely wrought words. Addie is not just a stellar storyteller. She is honest about her faith foibles and quick […]

I Want to Unbelieve (by: Anonymous) 3

What if everything you every believed fought with everything you perceive? What if your value system was turned on its head? What I love about this series, which this piece highlights so well, is that the writer does not want platitudes. The writer will not be content with the simple, […]

The Rag Bag Man and Other Thoughts 5

Anne Lamott. Most of my peers know and adore the raw, real humor and her very regular, messy faith that she portrays in her books. The STORY festival in Chicago brought Lamott to the main stage, where she promised to tell us everything she knows about faith, and everything she […]

A Tale of Two Sidewalks; Or What My Teenager Taught Me About Faith 2

As I run north toward home at the end of my miles, I have to choose. The sidewalk on the east side of the boulevard offers leafy shade, an extra lift to get me home. On those blistering summer days when the heat leaks into my head, throbs against my […]