Ed Cyzewski

Who Says You Can’t Change the World?

I’m visiting my friend Ed Cyzewski’s blog house today. Come over and say hi. I’m sharing for his Women In Ministry series, with which I am in love. Here’s a taste: Unlike other contributors to this fantastic series, I do not have a story of overcoming institutional oppression. I cannot […]

Divided We Unite: A Review

So, I read Pam Hogeweide’s book, “Unladylike: Resisting the Inustice of Gender Inequality in the Church,” and half through, felt like burrowing my feminine head in the sand. But I plowed through, becuase I like Pam, and because her book held promise and hope. (Of which I write here.) About […]

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                    A confluence of conversations on a spinning vortex of topics has left my brain swirling like an overflowing…well, washing machine. Reading a book on gender inequity in the church at the same time I’m reading about America post-Revolutionary war, through […]