andi cumbo

What I Read This Summer

My dear friend Andi is on her honeymoon and she asked me to guest post for her today. Isn’t she nice? My first priority was to read To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. The last time I had read it, I was in seventh grade, with an overactive imagination […]

Remember When… 4

  Sit down right now. Give me this moment. Write whatever’s running through you. You might start with “this moment” and end up writing about the gardenia you wore at your wedding seven years ago. That’s fine. Don’t try to control it. Stay present with whatever comes up, and keep […]

Paying Friendly Forward 1

My new internet friend Eric Wyatt, of sunny Florida and fancy fountain pens, included little old me on a Seven Random Facts posts. You can read it here; he’s really quite the wordsmith, yo. So here’s the deal, lifted verbatim from Eric’s post: As tradition states, those listed in the […]