I’ve been trying to write this post for two days. As some of you know, I’m in the middle of a year of homeschooling, and I kind of suck at it. I thank God every day my children are smarter than I am, because every day I feel like I’m taking their education backwards. I’m trying to hold it all together, and I’m pretty confident in this: I am not holding it together.

I walk around the house between the three children, attempting to start a load of laundry, check a math test, give a spelling test and make sure there’s enough food in the house. The articles and posts I have promised to people are not getting the attention they deserve, or the tender-loving rewrites that I crave. The laundry I do manage to start is forgotten, gets stinky, and must be restarted.

Don’t hear me say that I don’t like it or want it. Hear me say that my expectation that I could spin eleventy billion plates without one crashing far overestimated my actual ability.

What I’m flushing, again, are expectations for perfection, order and quiet. It’s just not going to happen. I am in that place. The one where I have to decide what is most important right now. Right now = both at this exact moment and at this time in our familial life. What’s important right now is attention to my children, regular dates with the running trails, and quiet time with my husband. The rest of it? There will always be laundry.

What are you flushing today? What is getting in the way of your relationships, your identity, your family? Toss it out and run with me.