Paying Friendly Forward 1

My new internet friend Eric Wyatt, of sunny Florida and fancy fountain pens, included little old me on a Seven Random Facts posts. You can read it here; he’s really quite the wordsmith, yo.

So here’s the deal, lifted verbatim from Eric’s post:

As tradition states, those listed in the author’s “seven” should participate by listing 7 random facts, 7 favorite posts of their own blog, and 7 other blogs that they read on a regular basis. So, adhering to that tradition, here are my “sevens:”

Seven Random Facts:

  1. I would rather be warm than cold, but only if you ask me in the winter.
  2. The converse will be true if you ask me in the summer.
  3. I think ice cream is best when it is loaded with all kinds of extra stuff.
  4. Baking makes me happy.
  5. The beach is my natural habitat. Sadly, I have been living apart from it lo these many years.
  6. Office supply stores and nail polish aisles make me giddy.
  7. I have gadget envy. All the time. Of everything.

Seven Favorite Posts:

  1.  I’m No Expert
  2. The Troot
  3. The Dog and the Door
  4. Home
  5. Are Girls Welcome
  6. You Can Do Hard Things
  7. The Swimwear Manifesto

Seven Blogs I Read Regularly:

  1. Halfway to Normal, because Kristin has been my friend for 20 years and she writes with passion, clarity and wisdom.
  2. Shawn Smucker loves his Steinbeck and it’s hard to resist that.
  3. Ed Cyzewski takes an introspective, thoughtful approach to theology and he makes me laugh.
  4. Alise Wright uses self effacing humor to get all up in here about important topics.
  5. When I need a crafty fix, I check out Under a Cherry Tree.
  6. Chad Thomas Johnston tells stories about poo, which, to me, never get old.
  7. If I still need a crafty fix, I devour craftzine for sewing projects.


But then I feel guilty, because I don’t mention Eric, the original and super duper dude who hooked me into this, nor do I mention Andi, who introduced me to Eric, or the other very thoughtful writers who take part in a weekly writer’s chat on twitter, which I’m now thinking I missed last night. At any rate, just because I didn’t mention you doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re totally rad. Because you are.