Appropriately Inappropriate

Pastor’s kids know all about being appropriate. Being appropriate is the behavioral sister to reciting the Apostle’s Creed or the Lord’s Prayer: we learn it, know it, live it. Growing up in the pastor’s shadow, congregants sent my siblings and me a clear message: the pastor’s kids are either total screw ups or perfect angels. […]

Loving God Means Social Concern

We had a visit from some old friends at church yesterday. Two young men who had met and become friends through a college ministry stopped by to tell us about the amazing things they are doing in Nepal. I found myself drawn right into the history Neeraj Gautam shared about his home country and the incredible […]

The Draft

Chores have been an unending battle in my house since forever. I hear from teachers that my sweet little angels have been putting away toys and books at school with joy and eagerness since they began their academic adventures. Either those teachers are liars or my children are two-faced monsters. Recently, my husband hatched The Best […]

If You Met Me

Really resisting the Five Minute Friday topic this week. Five Minute Fridays were developed by the Gypsy Mama to encourage us to write without fear or the nasty editor in our heads. Set a timer for five minutes and scribble away on the prompt. No editing, no second guessing, no worries. Link back up to her site […]

Of Plans

Man. My first half marathon is just over 3 weeks away. I know this not because I’m hyperaware of time. I’m not counting down the days like a kid in the last weeks of school before summer break. I’m just sort of plugging along on my runs and looking forward to May 1. But today, […]

Jennifer, Jenn, Jen, Jenny

The year before I was born, 1970, was the year the movie Love Story opened to critical acclaim and awards. The female lead was called Jennifer. Before this movie gave parents everywhere the single most un-unique name ever, the name Jennifer was made popular in 1906 when George Bernard Shaw named a characterJennifer in Dr. Dilema. The […]

My Favorite Things

My favorite things flash before my eyes every single day. The smells of my children (three of my all time favorite people) fresh from the shower or running in from outside coated in sweat and dirt and grass and happiness. They make me crazy, make me smile, make me delighted with their observations, their personalities, […]

That’s It?

March comes to a close, dark and grey and cold here in Tulsa. A diverse group of bloggers dedicated March, Women’s History Month, to Celebrating Women, and today is our last hurrah. Like the gloomy weather, I’m feeling rather anticlimactic about the celebration ending. After all my ranting and raving, after reading so many wonderful perspectives, […]

You Can Do Hard Things

When I started working as a doula, 9 years ago, I had a whole duffel bag of goodies I took with me to labors. As I grew in security, ability and confidence, I found I needed less and less. Two weeks ago, I attended a birth and took in nothing with me but a piece […]

I’m No Expert; That Won’t Stop Me

If you have been here before, you know I’ve been a running fool lately. You can read all about the whys and wheretofores if you don’t know that running has become something of a favorite hobby for me. Suffice it to say, if you’re here and not at all interested in this running nonsense, I run. A lot. And […]