The Middle

Anticipation and accomplishment both are nearly palpable to experience, but the meat and the gristle, the toughness and the bone? Those are in the middle. The middle, while also palpable, is far less exciting, usually, and much more rigorous to endure. On our 17 (to 20) mile run this weekend, we […]


On this wacky Advanced Marathon training journey, I’ve come to love my flashing lights, my headlamp and my gear all decked out with reflective stripes. I never thought I’d be much of a dark time runner, nor did I ever imagine a need for any of those flashy gadgets. It only […]

The Crossroad

The sun sparkled in a mid-winter sky. Up to that point, the weekend had been perfect. Saturday had been warm and spring-like, but on this day, Sunday, a cold front was expected. We were determined to soak up the warmth while it lasted. Our bigger group broke into smaller goal-oriented […]

And Here is the Steeple 2

When I say we meet on the trail by the river, I mean that is where we arrive en masse. To suggest something akin to fellowship happens there, at the park, in the ink of early morning, is disingenuous. We are, however, like something of a congregation. We arrive in […]

Dear Sirs 6

Dear Sirs, I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want to be afraid of you. I wasn’t always, you know. Just a few years ago, I was guileless. I was at ease and ignorant. I had managed to scrape through forty some years without a chink in the daft […]

Where are the Forks?

Every first day of something is bound to be fraught. And wrought. Under the morning moon, I drove empty streets toward a parking lot. At the far end, a clutch of reflectively clad people stood in a wobbly circle, their breath like so many clouds expelled into the dark before dawn. The […]

Ruinous Runs and Other Things I’ll Do Again 6

I have nothing. Or perhaps I have a field of tumbleweeds sweeping across my thoughts. Marathon Four has left me in a weird and untenable state, a state of which I was I previously and happily unaware. I have been rendered proudly disappointed. Marathon Four picked me up, turned me upside […]

The Idea of Order

There’s always a right way to do things. That’s what They tell us anyway. There’s a right way to train for a marathon: one must recover, and do track workouts, tempo workouts and LSD, but not the good kind. Long Slow Distance. Everyone tells us this. Everyone. But then, I […]


  It’s a beautiful day. You went to bed late, because homework piled high on your desk and spilled onto the white shaggy rug your mom bought you for your birthday. Your alarm rang loud, “All About the Bass” shook you awake and you dashed to the shower. You worried […]

Abstaining from Abstinence 1

I met a man recently who was kind and friendly and chatty. As we engaged in small talk, weirdly, pre-marital sex came up. My new friend went on to explain that the way women dressed these days is shameful and that they should save themselves for marriage. Now, I have […]