Notes from a Road Trip 3

This post is an experiment. Together, we shall test the limits of my tired eyes to view my phone keyboard. We will discover the clunky chunkiness of my thumbs. We will come to understand the loopiness of my sun and sand enfeebled mind to string together words in some kind of order.

I’m at the free breakfast at a hotel in Jasper, AL. We have 10 more hours to drive. I can’t think too much about it; if I do, I start to hyperventilate. Tonight I will drop like so many pounds of vacation food into my own blessed bed, albeit not in view of palm trees. I. Can’t. Wait.

So. Some things this tired, happy, harried mama saw or heard
on this trip:

Laughter in the waves
Spontaneous outbursts of sibling kindness
Young, smooth hands holding the hands of grandparents, even in public
Bike riding, swimming, exploring
One scientist in the waves, all day, finding all manner of living things
One child making the world his giant gym
One child shanking puttputt balls with the fervor of a goalie punting away

When asked what the best part was, a voice said, quietly and with unfeigned intent:


I hope we all find that little sweet truth at the end of today!

P.S. Yesterday my book had some great sales, thanks to many great supporters and a review by Heather Sanders, Oh My Stinking Heck, who also blogs at The Pioneer Woman Homeschooling Blog. So. Yay! Links when I can figure it out!