Musings over a body

lying naked before their gaze

their eyes spinning over her body

erasing any imperfection

pencil in curves, smudge shadows

tweak every bit they wish

she watches boldly

as perversions begin to show

he adds a scene around her body

eyes glaze over her confidence

charcoal disguises her modesty

he has a way of breaking that all


look above their stares

into the dots overhead

connect the black specs

as they connect joints

each tiny black image swirls into…


bats circle her head

devouring the white space above

she can’t move away

trapped by their gaze, over sketchbooks

but O GOD!

the bats are multiplying



they have become the perversions inside

squirming about over her naked body

maggots’ double, triple in quantity

maggots drop from the ceiling

sink into her pores

invisible maggots cover all

his fantasies have trampled her female beauty

uncovered any secret crevice

reopened hidden scars

she lies silently, waiting

finishes the pose and retreats

dressing quickly away from them, him

privately covering what has been

what has been not so artistically viewed

by most it was just practice, but by him

he violated each limb

exploited the purpose of her body

whose presence was meant to inspire

not wet dreams but art

a muse per say for pieces to follow

not for what may cum

although she will again lie naked

avoid his gaze, his being altogether

remain present only for them

and of course for artistic sense

for those who live and breathe it