March(ing) with Intent 1

Because I’m all about being intent and intentional, my monthly One Word Update is late. I was celebrating all weekend, being intent with my time.

20130103-171735.jpgThe old home remodling project statement is true: when you paint the walls, you then realize that you need to paint the baseboards. When you’re that close to the floor, you realize the flooring is pretty gross, so you want to pull that up and start again. When you get the furniture back in the room, you realize that pieces don’t fit anymore, so you start rearranging. When you rearrange, you pare down, give away, sell.

Painting the walls is never just painting the walls.

Which brings me to The Box. February’s goal was to unpack The Box that had been sitting on the floor by my desk for, um, over a year. I put it off for so long. I wasn’t ready, I told myself, (and you). It was full of junk I didn’t feel like dealing with. Random papers and pens and bits of information no longer relevant.

I put my big girl panties on a week before the end of the month. The only reason I did this was because I knew my friend Kristin would ask, or at the very least wonder, if I had hit my paltry goal.

The Box took all of 30 minutes of my time. What a relief. Most of it went to the recycle bin. The few things I wanted still were organized and put in appropriate places. There is now a beautiful, clean openness on that side of my desk.

You know where this is going? The other side of the desk. There is always one more project to do.

Being in a year of One Word is like painting the walls.

The Box is gone, but I have not achieved a state of intentness. I have applied myself only to one act of intention. There are a million more, and most of them aren’t about getting rid of the clutter. Most of them are about looking my children in the eye when they speak. Or using the cloth napkins and full place settings at dinner, because that is intentional relationship.

The Box would have been easy to continue to ignore. If I ignored it, then I could ignore other things: the laundry that needs to be folded, the bag of solo socks that need pairing, the words they don’t say, these children, when they talk around something.

I don’t want the ugly box, and I don’t want to miss the opportunities to hear. I’m beginning to see that paying attention, using intent in daily life, is not an end game, ┬ábut a big house project. One piece at a time.

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