Life as Prayer


My daughters were itty bitty, maybe three and one. They had just begun learning the joys of side-by-side play. I listened to their voices rising and falling, babbling brooks of imagination, while I prepared dinner in the kitchen.

Anyone with little ones knows that these are long days, filled with a million small tasks that don’t seem to amount to much. I stood over the sink, polishing a copper bottomed pan, thinking about fish sticks and play dough and about scraping both from the slats in my hand-me-down table when the two in the other room finally slept.

I rested my arms on the edge of the sink, and I prayed. I don’t know what I prayed, but I know that I enjoyed quiet communion with Him. I know that He meets me in the car, at the checkout line, in meetings and even *gasp* in the bathroom.

When I opened my friend Lisa Colon Delay’s book, Life As Prayer: Revived Spirituality Inspired by Ancient Piety, my first response was a deep sigh of recognition.

Lisa walks us through the fairly inconsequential life of Brother Lawrence, a Carmelite monk who invested his time in making life prayer. His ideas, and Lisa’s, resonate with me. She is not talking about a rejection of church models, but a radical shift to a deeper way of prayer. Lisa writes:

Good prayer habits may be great, it i believe they are only as good as they are heartfelt and transformative.

I’m working my way slowly through this book, like a beachcomber. I don’t want to miss anything.

What are you reading?