Imago Dei 3


Those pod laundry things are crazy weird. My kids are fascinated by them. To me, they feel like a seriously blistered toe, but much better smelling. They seem to do the trick, and if it makes a child want to do laundry, I am so in.

My mother treated me to some new shoes! Thanks, Mom. She sent me superfeet fleet flops to help with my aching dogs. I think I might wear them to bed. I learned a hard, painful way that running isn’t supposed to hurt. Relief has begun.

The pool action is slowing down, and this saddens me. I’ve already posted that I’m not quite ready yet to give up watching clouds break apart from the chaise. I want to listen to people laughing and splashing for a little bit longer.

I stitched up a whole bunch of goodies for my new baby niece. She’s still cooking, and won’t be here until October, but I love sewing for babies. Especially babies I will be able to cuddle and tease when they get older. Being an aunt delights me. When I make something for someone I love, I feel like I’m giving them a little touchable piece of my heart.

What about you? How are you closing out the week? Are you excited about the fall or hanging on to lazy summer afternoons? Thanks to Lore Ferguson for this post that is both lovely and thoughtful, short and chock full o goodness.

And, mark your calendars. Next Friday, we’re going to have a linky party. Look for details on Monday.