I’m No Expert; That Won’t Stop Me 2

If you have been here before, you know I’ve been a running fool lately. You can read all about the whys and wheretofores if you don’t know that running has become something of a favorite hobby for me. Suffice it to say, if you’re here and not at all interested in this running nonsense, I run. A lot. And I like to run. A lot.

“Who cares?” you ask, maybe glibly while rolling your eyes, scrolling down quickly to get to the good stuff, assuming, again rather glibly, that there is, in fact, good stuff. And I shall raise my eyebrows at you and tell you just exactly who cares.

You do.

And I know this because some of you have been asking me questions about my training.
You flatter me. I like this also. A lot. I’ve been emailing a bunch of you lovelies with my thoughts, and some of it seemed to make a rather cohesive whole on running, physical and mental training, and, if I may be so bold, some lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Now, let this be my legally binding (eye rolling) disclaimer that I am in NO WAY an expert. You saw that in the title. If you even try to suggest the old bait and switch, I will refer you heretofore, forthwith, ergo and nonesuch to the top of this little page, wherein ye shall find, for your reading pleasure, the title of my merry script, in which I declare my utter lack of expertise. 
Okay, then, now that we have the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way… *slaps hands together in relief*

Here’s what I want to say to everyone who has said or written that my running has been inspiring:

That’s great! I love that you are inspired. But. It’s not a big butt, because, you know, I’ve been running. But don’t just be inspired in thought. Be inspired in action. I’m not saying go run a marathon tomorrow, you silly. That’s crazy talk. I’m saying do something you didn’t know you could do and see what happens. 

The Dog Post Run

The Dog

I did not set out to run the Tulsa Run that would be a 15k, I don’t mind telling ya. I did not set out to get super sexy calves (but I will show them to you, just ask). When I started, I’ve said before, running three miles was the most taxing thing in my day. I hated it. I hated that I was the one who had to go with the dog because I’m the one with flexible schedule. I hated it that sometimes it was too hot. Sometimes it was raining. Sometimes too many cosmos on date night…well you get the idea. It took forever it seems. If you cannot hear me whining, just thank your lucky stars, because I so am whining.

And again, I am in no way some kind of freakishly fast, super trim “athlete.” When I registered on Dailymile to get cyber credit for every.single. stinkin’. mile. I didn’t want to pick a category. They were so binding and scary and none of them applied to me. “Choose one: runner, athlete, cyclist, swimmer” and some other crazy things like tree climber, mountain maker…I don’t even know. I sat and stared at that screen, cursor blinking like an annoying little sister, trying to decide. Finally, I clicked “athlete.” For months, I ran in fear; I just knew Dailymile staff would track me down for the lying liar that I am. Athlete? Yeah, if eating, knitting and sewing are sports then heck to the yeah.

The point is, I love that some people find my running inspirational. I won’t lie: I signed up for Dailymile just so I could brag about my incredibly amateur results. I’m a sucker for kind words so I went reaching for some. You people are putty in my hands. But here’s what I’m trying to say, in a longwinded, friendly, conversational tone. If I can do it, you can do it. Promise. And in the coming days and weeks, I’m going to tell you exactly how I know that. Notice I did not say, HOW TO DO THAT. 

And because I’m too excited, I’ll whet your appetite for my un-expertise. I know. You might want to sit down. Some topics I want to cover: your reason to run (or take that class, or climb a mountain, or join a new church, or leave a bad relationship), mental training, self talk that works, and getting over the bad days. 

Is there something you want to hear about that’s NOT technical? Let me know. Let me stress just one more time, this is not a fitness plan, a guru lesson, or a technique forum. It’s just one woman’s thoughts on how to do something you never thought you could do. 

Who’s with me?