If You Met Me

Really resisting the Five Minute Friday topic this week. Five Minute Fridays were developed by the Gypsy Mama to encourage us to write without fear or the nasty editor in our heads. Set a timer for five minutes and scribble away on the prompt. No editing, no second guessing, no worries. Link back up to her site and find fresh new voices from all over the world. I encourage you to at least read the other posts and think about trying your own. I guess I can’t put this off any longer.

If you met me, you would like my nice firm hand shake, web to web of our fingers meeting in a tight embrace. I like to call it a hand hug even though I know how that sounds. You would learn quickly that I’m a huge sports fan a huge Pittsburgh sports fan and that I love to talk smack about other teams. (Looking at you, Baltimore.)

If we met, I would most likely touch your arm when you said something funny. And you would say something funny because I love to laugh and to make friends fast. Friends are people you can laugh with. The touching thing was a little something I picked up when I moved from Pittsburgh to Tulsa. They touch you here, whether you want it or not. For a long time it made me suspicious. I mean. Who does that?

If we met, I would want to extend our chat for as long as possible. I would pepper you with questions so quickly that I would get your life story in mere minutes. I enjoy finding those common connections we hide under our smiling faces; those little clues about who we really are that make lasting relationships.