Identity: I am…

Some people say identity is who you are.
Other people say identity is what you do.
And there are those who would argue identity is who your parents were, where you live, what country you’re from, etc.

Here’s the thing.
These “people” (the ambiguous they if you will) are wrong.
And they are right.

They are wrong because identity isn’t just who or what you are.
They are right because identity is who AND what you are.

Merriam-Webster†defines identity as:

“the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”

Identity is the unique combination of characteristics, talents, environment and background that make you you.

I wrote recently about the difference between special and unique, and how taking responsibility for what we do leads to hope in dire circumstances.

Your identity is up to you.
You might be defined in part by a variety of factors

  • Parents
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Height
  • Nationality
  • Intelligence
  • Tastes
  • Religion
  • Talent

However, what carries more weight are your actions. What have you done with who you are to do something worth remembering?

Even in the face of mistakes you do not have to let them define you, to become your identity. This part is hard because depending on the enormity of the mistake you might have to work very hard to combat a label or “box” others would put you in.

The bigger questions are these:

What do you want your identity to be?
What are you doing to make it happen?


Bio: KC is a father, husband, Mac fan, tentblogger, MBA graduate, cubicle ninja and frequent abuser of social media. He loves to instigate and encourage others to chase their dreams.