How Much Do I Love Being Coached?

My friend, K.C. Procter is a good dude. He runs a Wise Gal Wednesday series on his blog, Some Wise Guy and he asked yours truly to contribute. I enjoy writing for other’s blogs because I get to meet new and interesting readers. Writing for a blog like K.C.’s is extra fun, because I get to introduce you to someone you might not have met yet. You’ll like K.C. Because I said so.

Here’s an excerpt from my post, but get your mouse clicking over to his site and give him a read through. He’s good people.

Being married to a coach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (I’m not exactly sure if anyone’s really cracking it up to be anything, but play along.)
I can tell when a lesson my way comes. His posture changes. His volume approaches the absurd, as if he were standing in some giant stadium preaching to the heavens. He raises an eyebrow and asks Socratic questions that make me want to put down the dirty spatula—the one I put in the dishwasher only for him remove it—and walk from the room.