Hike With Me, Yo

Hike With Me

Hike With Me

I tried to get all fancy on Google Earth. I was hoping to make a video tour of all of the great locations we would visit. But two things happened.

  1. Since I do not speak French (other than pretend French that I use to torment my French best friend) I could not be super sure I found the places our guide (fake-French pronounced geed)had listed on the itinerary.
  2. I have a new phobia of my own voice, thanks to the Soli Deo Gloria retreat, wherein I learned that I do not sound nearly as deep and wise as I had imagined. Imagined is a key word here.
  3. There is a third, but I’m not counting it in the two things umbrella, because like all good deny-ers, I know that if you pretend it’s not there, it’s not there. I couldn’t figure out how to show the pushpins or where my cursor was hovering, so I would have had to either learn to speak French or learn to edit movies, neither of which I think one can do successfully in an evening.

I hope my Google Earth screen capture will inspire you to visit Google Earth and poke around. The trip starts and ends in Chamonix. We hike in a sort of janky counter-clockwise circle. I am unbelievably excited about the idea of putting on a good Heidi impression at the top of hills alive with music, to mix my movie metaphors.

Hotel Les Grands Montets


Another point. I got an email from a friend asking what my vision was for the trip. Good question. It is not going to be about:

  • hiking until our toes bleed
  • me
  • what I want
  • what I think
  • hiking until our toes bleed
I think this trip is has the potential to be a few things.
  • A chance to do something you’ve never done
  • An opportunity to meet some new friends
  • Time to talk
  • Time to be still and quiet
  • Time to challenge yourself physically and mentally, but without joining the Army
My vision is that the 6 to 14 women who go will try something new everyday, forge new relationships and see amazing things. My vision is that the women will return home filled with a sense of achievement and a mind at rest. My vision is for each woman to see herself in a new and beautiful light, that she can do hard things, that she is stronger than she thought, and that the world is an amazing place.
Go with me? More info here.