Growing into Identity

My twitter friend Dan Moyle is our guest writer today in my continuing series on Identity. I left the topic intentionally broad, because I wanted to see how different writers approached the process and the topic. Dan doesn’t disappoint; he takes a left from last week’s post and writes about becoming a writer. Find him here orhere. And say hi to him in the comments because it’s a nice thing to do. Okay? Oh, one more thing. Twitter had a wedding party for Dan and his new bride recently. Who says online friendships are void of meaning? Congrats, Dan!


I’m a writer. I always have been. Whether it was writing poetry, songs and short stories in high school, or writing news for a TV newscast as an adult, I’ve always considered myself a writer. Today, I continue collect a paycheck for my writing (among other skills). I also continue to write for myself. I have a small blog which I post to occasionally. But when I saw Jen’s invitation to write about “identity,” I realized my main writing on the internet comes from Twitter. I post there continuously. Sometimes it’s part of a conversation. Other times it’s a debate. Often, I simply write a few sentences as a micro blog. So Jen mentioned looking for contributions on “identity” I couldn’t resist! I got to thinking, “what’s my online writing Identity?”

Personal Writing Identity

My personal blogging started about the time my daughter was born. In April of 2005 I began Ava’s Blog by simply posting pictures and thoughts of being a new dad. Over the next few years, you can see how my identity became “Ava’s Dad.” When her mom and I split, I stayed focused on being Ava’s dad, but left the blog to basically wither. I made the shift instead to Facebook, since that’s where everyone shares their pictures. I also posted a short story on my FB account, expanding my identity and sharing my passion for story telling with others. Now I’m a husband again and have a new role – step-dad. This will give me all new material for my writing. With that in mind, I have shifted into a personal blog that shows my identity as a mutli-faceted writer (not just Ava’s dad).

Professional Writing Identity

On the professional side, I wrote newscasts and news stories at WWMT where my identity came to include paid writer. I also produced a segment called “Made in Michigan” for awhile, including the writing. During this time in TV news, I began to write with my cousin, working on creative projects like film and TV shows. We began to call each other “writing partner” instead of just cousins. I added another branch to my identity tree. Now we share a blog for 0323 Productions. While the blog is in its infancy, we hope to grow it into a place to share our experiences in writing with other writers. My latest professional, paid writing gig includes a blog and other content for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

My Identity

This writing exercise has helped me realize this: My identity is Dan Moyle; writer; family man; lover of music, motorcycles and dark beer; fan of great stories. I look to music, television, books, and film for stories. I plan to keep working on my own writings to be able to share great stories with more people, too. Until then, I’m happy to simply identify myself as “writer.”