Great Reads 2

When I sit at my desk, next to the kids doing their math and reading, I have brief moments that are just short enough to keep me at my desk, but not long enough to start—or finish—any kind of thinking things through project. So I skim around to my favorite blogs and sites. This week was a particular trove of goodness, so I’m borrowing/stealing/sharing an idea from Alise Wright, who does a weekly round up of good reads on her blog. Click away my friends. What did you read this week that changed your mind, challenged you or got you all in a huff? Share in the comments.


My friend Eugene Scott shares about some accidental silence that challenged him.

Kristin, who kindly wrote on twitter that “we share a brain,” (I think I get the better end of that deal) had this amazing reflection on Lenten guilt.

Ed continues to curate a fantastic collection of women writers sharing personal stories of Women in Ministry. This week’s edition did not only knock off my rapidly disappearing socks, but also raised my hackles so high I’m rather porcupineish. That’s so a word. Read this and let your mouth drop open in disbelief.

Shawn shares about his first week on the rockstar bus and lessons he’s learned. 

My friend Nancy Berk, PhD is giving away a copy of her book, “College Bound and Gagged” which is great for parents getting ready to send a baby bird out of the nest.

Finally, new friend and writer, Melissa Dereberry wrote this post about reading Chaucer aloud, including the naughty bits.