Friday Flush***

Oh, Friday, you cruel mistress. All week you taunt me, promising a short nap on the sofa, a few minutes to knit or read. To slow down and have an actual conversation with Big K. To say, “Heck with homework, kids! Go outside and play.”

I have ridden the roller coaster of another week, up on Monday, down on Tuesday, thrown herky jerky into fits on Wednesday, blasted into Thursday. I’ve taught my children, loved my husband, engaged in dialogue with strangers and friends, run a few miles, laughed heartily and raised my fists in frustration. Oh, the complications of living.

In my weekly effort to say good riddance to the ties that so easily bind, today, I’m discarding some irritation I’m clinging to regarding a comment on a blog post somewhere out there in internetville. Don’t need it. Not worth it. Not gonna carry it anymore. Letting that little bit of chaff fly away with the Oklahoma wind.

What are you flushing today?

*To read more about the idea behind Friday Flush, see the sidebar.