Epiphany of Ritual 14


Thank you to my friend Pilar Arsenec for visiting the blog today.

My morning ritual begins with a standoff…

Me and the dreaded alarm clock.

The clock usually wins.

Defeated… I finally peel myself off the bed and head to the kitchen

I say good morning to Mr. Coffee. He’s annoyingly in a good mood again.

I walk to the living room and plop myself on the couch.

I sit there sort of Zen staring into space.

One would think I’m deep in meditation.

I finally emerge from my coma and begin reading my bible barely.

Clearly, it doesn’t make much sense to me that early in the morning.

I read it anyway, in the hopes of getting some new revelation.

I decide it’s now time for my writing practice.

I take my journal and begin scribbling incoherently.

I do this until I run out of gas… which doesn’t take very long.

Suddenly, I’m on my knees crying out, begging God for mercy.

I’m off… like a bullet racing against the clock.

Isn’t this what life’s all about? A bunch of monotonous rituals?

Well, it certainly seems like that to me.

I have rituals at work and home.

While I’m cooking, shopping or doing laundry.

There is a rhythm, routine and ritual in everything we do.

I strangely find comfort in these rituals.

There comes a sense of order in the predictability of ritual.

There is a peace while doing something repetitively, like washing dishes for instance.

Don’t you just get in that zone when you are washing dishes?

Suddenly our humdrum, mundane existence becomes meaningful by the practice of ritual.

What kind of daily rituals do you practice? How does it make you feel?

Pilar Arsenec is a legal secretary by day and a writer by night. On her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, singing and cooking. You can find her blog, Ordinary Servant, www.ordinaryservant.com.