Deeper Families: Are We Our Mothers?

Today, I’m writing over at Deeper Family about how I discovered my daughter, my mother and I are more alike than I imagined.

An Excerpt:

mom and me

I lay in bed waiting for the heater to kick on. The alarm had sounded, once, twice, three times before I finally convinced myself the sound was not in my dreams. Mom and Dad made the small noises of morning, a mug from the cupboard, a brush in the shaving cup, rings sliding against the shower rod. Then, the one I lived to hear: the short thunk of the register blasting to life, and close on its heels, the rush of blessed hot air forced into our cold, dark winter rooms.

The night before, I gathered my clothes. This was the key to optimum warmth. The bathroom, the warmest room in the house, was mere steps away, and I didn’t want to waste any of them being cold. I grabbed the pile of clothes and shot through the hall to the bathroom. There, I put my clothes over the heating register on the floor, shut the bathroom door against more cold air and ran turn-your-skin-pink hot water. If I timed it right, the heat from the register and the shower made the bathroom my own personal sauna.

Read the rest and let me know if you see your mother in you.