Not Like the Other 2

Yesterday, I posted a tempered rant about the legitimate rape discourse, taking up for the victims of rape who, in my way of thinking, have been further brutalized by uneducated comments from a man who should have thought before he opened his public mouth. I waited to hear from a […]

Why I Run: Jules’ Story 13

 Meet Jules. She is pure delight. I’ve followed her journey on facebook, and for every grumble she lets go, she celebrates three times as much. I am proud to know Jules and proud of her strength, courage and heart. Why do you run? What to share your story? Let me […]

Great Reads 2

When I sit at my desk, next to the kids doing their math and reading, I have brief moments that are just short enough to keep me at my desk, but not long enough to start—or finish—any kind of thinking things through project. So I skim around to my favorite […]

Divided We Unite: A Review

So, I read Pam Hogeweide’s book, “Unladylike: Resisting the Inustice of Gender Inequality in the Church,” and half through, felt like burrowing my feminine head in the sand. But I plowed through, becuase I like Pam, and because her book held promise and hope. (Of which I write here.) About […]

Easing In the Fullness

Hobbies have their own language. Runners talk about intervals, LSDs, (this does not refer to drugs) and tempos. Dr. Who fans know the names, spellings and pronunciations of all the planets that were fictionally rescued by eleven Doctors over the years. Math people make jokes about pi day and use […]