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Quick to Listen 28

I love me my twitter and Facebook. I like being able to reconnect with old friends and to forge new and very real relationships with fascinating people. I have met and had enlightening dialogue with runners, Christians, Atheists, lovers, fighters, readers, writers, thinkers, talkers. I have been prompted to laugh […]

Container Words 10

                    A confluence of conversations on a spinning vortex of topics has left my brain swirling like an overflowing…well, washing machine. Reading a book on gender inequity in the church at the same time I’m reading about America post-Revolutionary war, through […]

Tips from a Pro 10

  Let’s be clear up front. I’m not the pro in question. Far from it. Of course, that didn’t keep me from writing a book “about” running when I’m not half the runner I think I am in my fecund imagination. In there, in the sunny green fields of make-believe, […]