Why I Run: Origins

For your reference, there is never a good time to not back up one’s website content, neither is it ever convenient to have to rebuild one’s website from another’s RSS feed. You heard it hear first. In the past week, I’ve been reposting stories from runners and writers and readers […]

Why I Run: Jeff’s Story

  If you’ve been here before you know that this girl came to running accidentally. I’ve asked some of my favorite online runner friends to tell me why they started running and why they continue to run. Jeff encouraged me when I was unwilling to call myself a runner and […]

If You Met Me

Really resisting the Five Minute Friday topic this week. Five Minute Fridays were developed by the Gypsy Mama to encourage us to write without fear or the nasty editor in our heads. Set a timer for five minutes and scribble away on the prompt. No editing, no second guessing, no worries. Link […]