Why I Run: Ben’s Story 5

In 2006 I ran a 5k with my son, without any formal training.  I did it for my son’s school challenge because he wanted me to. I finished dead last in my age group, but I did it and that was it. I was happy to do it but as […]

Cloaked in Flaws 2

She was not pleased, my daughter, as she approached the end of Anne of Green Gables. Neither she nor her brother were interested when I suggested I read them the books as part of our daily homeschool reading. But after the first chapter, they were hooked. They beg for Anne. […]

Like Ross and Rachel 10

We’re on a break, running and me. I wish I could say I agreed to the break, that it was mutual and amicable and responsible. I wish I could say we need our space to figure out where we’re headed. That I am the patient, soulful, growth-seeking adult I imagine […]

Being Human is Risky

Being Human 7

He is charming and kind. He laughs easily and gives openly. He has collected friends like seashells. He makes room in his world for their mess. And  they are messy. They have divorces and children with illness. They are selfish—at times.  They want more without giving—sometimes. His friends sometimes say […]