Hold Me: The Teenage Years 4

Gather ’round, folks. Scoot your rockers closer, stop playing with your dentures and simmer down. Kids these days. My parents never had to shoo us out the door in the summer. We lived outside in the summer. From sun up to way past sun down. We’d wake, shove a bowl […]

Why I Run: Origins

For your reference, there is never a good time to not back up one’s website content, neither is it ever convenient to have to rebuild one’s website from another’s RSS feed. You heard it hear first. In the past week, I’ve been reposting stories from runners and writers and readers […]

Of Plans

Man. My first half marathon is just over 3 weeks away. I know this not because I’m hyperaware of time. I’m not counting down the days like a kid in the last weeks of school before summer break. I’m just sort of plugging along on my runs and looking forward […]