From Whence We Come

I don’t usually run on Fridays, but the weather was so fine I just had to do something, so I took The Dog for a walk on campus. We wandered up the green trail into the woods behind campus and as surely as I was walking through the Georgia pines, I was also transported back […]

A Mile is a Mile

My sister called me this morning, and when she asked me how I was I ran into my room and started to cry. I hid in the bathroom a little while after we spoke, because moving Okies to Georgia is fraught in all the usual ways and I didn’t want to share my angst with […]

Chaos at the Barre

Ever since my neighbor asked me, at the end of a five mile run, when my baby was due, I’ve been ever so slightly more self conscious about the weight strapped around my middle. I’m in training for my fourth marathon and despite all the food logging and daily resolutions, (whatever) I can’t seem to […]

Building the Wall of Confidence

We sat around a table at Panera, slurping soup at munching over-priced lettuce leaves. We had an hour before the next game in a soccer tournament. These things are never scheduled in any kind of convenient way. The girls had dropped the first game of three and were discouraged. G, my friend and a player […]

What To Do When You Can’t See Spring

Most of us are in the cruel, cold grip of winter. Snow days stopped being fun a million years ago. We’re cooped up, dried out, and craving the warmth of spring. Or even just for our fingers to warm up enough to be somewhat useful. We have long gone from enjoying a cozy morning in […]

March(ing) with Intent

Because I’m all about being intent and intentional, my monthly One Word Update is late. I was celebrating all weekend, being intent with my time. The old home remodling project statement is true: when you paint the walls, you then realize that you need to paint the baseboards. When you’re that close to the floor, […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Weight

Sophomore year in high school, I ate a Suzy Q and a Diet Coke for lunch nearly every day. Then my mother and I started going to Weight Watchers, where I learned to pack a lunch and drink sugarless drinks, like boring iced tea, which everyone knows is an Old People Beverage. (I’m surprised WW […]

One Year, One Word

Road trips are not good times to make decisions. When I make road trip decisions, it’s usually the kind of dark that would make taking out the trash scary. There are giant 18-wheelers hurtling by our little car burdened with five lives and all our accoutrements. This is when I make up stories about the […]

The A La Carte Bible

I had this really powerful point. I could barely restrain my eagerness to share my Very Good Point. It was going to shatter illusions, drop scales from the eyes of the masses, alter millions of lives and make a tremendous impact on souls. My VGP was backed by Scripture, and as I shared my VGP […]

Why I Run: Brenna Kate’s Story

People ask me why I run. Especially since I started doing half marathons. After all, they reason, who in her right mind would choose to run 13.1 miles straight? My answer is simple. I run because I can. I started running because my doc said in 2003 it would help my IBS & depression. That […]