Forget The Pain 6

After the ebullience fades to a warm, muscular fire. After feeling has returned to my fingers and toes, Long after I have swallowed the tears that rise like mountains from the deepest pits of mile 15 Long after I stopped giving kids high fives and smiling at jokes After. After […]

Reliable Narrators and the Role of History

In 1921, violence erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when armed African American men—many of them returning veterans—tried to protect a young black man from lynching. By the time the Tulsa race riots were over, at least 10 whites and 26 African Americans were dead. In one African American neighborhood, white rioters […]

What I’m In To; Or How I Caved to Peer Pressure 4

In an ongoing effort to put off the increasingly aggressive hands of time, and to try to convince myself of my hipness and persistent joie de vivre, I have caved to Leigh Kramer. Leigh, of the end of month What I’m In To posts that are pure delight. She says […]

Like Ross and Rachel 10

We’re on a break, running and me. I wish I could say I agreed to the break, that it was mutual and amicable and responsible. I wish I could say we need our space to figure out where we’re headed. That I am the patient, soulful, growth-seeking adult I imagine […]